I have a drill. I am unstoppable.

The budget? Not much. Like most of us.

100x100I’m Sooz. Welcome to The Shoestring Files, my as-yet undecorated flat and my carefully-budgeted life. Decorating, making stuff and doing things on the cheap is what this is all about, with the emphasis on making hard-earned pennies work to within an inch of their sorry lives.

This site is  fun for me and gives me focus while I experiment with household cleaners, paint designs, floor coverings and cheap life strategies, and those of you also stretching your pennies until they scream can be heartened by my goofs and howlers.

I intend giving my inner creative mudpie-building child the run of the place to make my flat into a home that absolutely and totally feels like mine, so I’m probably going to be breaking rules, ignoring the experts and doing my own thing. And that suits me perfectly.

Professional decorators are very welcome to add their own advice and warnings, as I certainly don’t claim to know everything and I love learning new things, but please keep the catcalls to a low growl.


2 responses to “I have a drill. I am unstoppable.

  • Sooz

    Thanks for the comment! But I’m enjoying doing it slowly and making things. It’s fun. 🙂


  • charlesobrien08

    Have come help paint/wallpaper lay flooring please bring flooring you can lay and invite folk you know and some you want to know ,like a handyman/woman,carpet shop owner think it through and it will work or stay out as long as you can and just sleep in the flat visit as many folk as you know or are related to.


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